Working with local health economies


LivingCare are committed to working with partners to find solutions to the issues that arise in the communities in which we work.  We want to be a responsible partner and work with other GP practices, community services, charities, hospitals and community groups to provide joined up care across the health economy.  

LivingCare are focussed on ensuring we develop alongside individuals, organisations and communities to provide the best possible care.  As an organisation we are keen to support new businesses and start ups within health and would look at supporting these organisations.

We recognise that we can only specialise in certain areas.  We would always look at working with partners to develop wider solutions both within the local community such as charities, community groups, artists; in a bid to meet local needs effectively.  This could be through workshops, through us providing business mentoring or through coproduction of a scheme.


Working with the local CCGs to look at pathways and move care closer to the patients is a key belief of LivingCare.  Patients need care closer to their home to improve the delivery of their health outcomes, ensure quicker intervention and deliver more efficient pathways.  We would work with local specialist to develop these pathways and ensure patient safety is paramount in the delivery.

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