Our story so far

LivingCare Medical Services is part of the LivingCare Group.  LivingCare Medical Services was set up to enable us to establish high quality primary care delivery.  We have been operating GP practices since 2006 and have an established group of practices in and around London. 

We have continually developed our model of care on the General Practice 5 Year Forward View documentation to ensure we are able to provide responsive, sustainable care for the populations we serve. We now continue on our journey looking at developing innovative models that are based on clinical need, ensuring we are providing high quality care, good value to the NHS and positive interactions with our patients.

We have invested into the healthcare systems to ensure we are able to serve all populations including those groups who are “hard to reach” as we strongly believe in free equitable access to our primary care provision.

This is only the start of our journey and we want to be able to change more primary care services for the better across the UK.

Want to work with us?

LivingCare have a strong track record of delivering care to local populations. 

We understand what it takes to be a General Practitioner in the health system.  

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