Patient Groups

At LivingCare we ensure that we run our services with our patients at the heart of them.  We see our patients as our local experts who know their services. 

We arrange regular meetings with our patients to listen to their views, to consult with them on improvements or changes and to engage them in the vision for the surgery.


We also run Virtual Patient Participation Groups to ensure that even those who may not be able to attend are able to join others and express their opinion at alternative times from the comfort of their home, office or on the move. We do this using Skype.

How we use our feedback

Any feedback received is captured by our Senior Leadership Team and is discussed at our meetings.  This is fed back to our clinical leads of our services, and is summarised into a report for our board.  Any poor feedback we create an action plan to show how we are improving the care we provide.  All our teams are held to account to make the appropriate changes. Any positive feedback is celebrated, especially with any named staff members.  We will use the feedback from this pilot as we do with all feedback – it is discussed in our meetings to improve our services.

From 2018 we will publish an Annual Quality Account which will detail what our patient feedback has been and what we have done with this.

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